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"We are thoughtful, so we are thankful."

    We are a small congregation of believers who love the Lord Jesus Christ and look forward to His imminent return.

     Our rallying cry, especially for such a time as this, is: "Here we stand in Jesus' name, may His peace in this place reign. To the enemy we say, 'Be gone from here, and do not stay!'"

     As a family of Christian brothers and sisters, we meet regularly to praise God, learn more about Him, encourage and help one another, pray for one another, and keep up to date on how current events reveal that God's plan for the future is quickly falling into place.

     We regularly turn to God in prayer for wisdom, direction, and help in time of need. We are mindful of Who He is, what He has done, and of the love and blessings He continually bestows on us, His children. Indeed, "we are thoughtful, so we are thankful."

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